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Here in Southeast Texas, and especially in Houston, erosion control is a fundamental aspect of any kind of landscaping or construction project.

Soil erosion and stormwater management are necessities for anyone planning any kind of construction in the Houston area. All Star Hydromulch is a local Houston company that is specialized in the art and science of erosion control.

Erosion most often occurs as the result of water runoff, heavy rain, or persistent winds that blow away topsoil, making it difficult for trees and plants to grow. Excess water can lead to mudslides and create soil fissures which often lead to ground instability.
If you are working with land that is sloped, advanced planning is the best defense against soil erosion.  Hydroseeding is a superior, and affordable erosion control method. Planting fast growing turf and ground cover with proper watering will encourage deep root growth can deliver effective erosion control. These roots will hold the soil together while the foliage provides protection for top soil against heavy winds.
If you are planning a public or commercial space, preventing foot traffic through slopes can be accomplished by selecting foliage and landscaping designed to route traffic away from sensitive areas.

All StarHydromulch performs a variety of processes to prevent, and protect against soil erosion. From temporary to long term soil erosion blankets, application of BFM (Bonded Fiber Matrix) products such as Hydro-Blanket, and FGM (Flexible Growth Medium) products such as Flexterra and Curlex Blankets. Additionally, we can supply and install grass sod on erosion sloped channels and inlets in high rain fall and water erosion areas for further soil erosion protection.